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Nekromantik ist ein vom deutschen Regisseur Jörg Buttgereit gedrehter Low-Budget-Horrorfilm. Der Amateurfilm wurde im SuperFormat gedreht. Nekromantik 2 (Alternativtitel: Nekromantik 2 – Die Rückkehr der liebenden Toten) von , ist der Nachfolger des gedrehten Low-Budget-Films. - Kaufen Sie Nekromantik 1 günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Nekromantik ein Film von Jörg Buttgereit mit Daktari Lorenz, Béatrice Manowski. Inhaltsangabe: Der nekrophile Robert Schmadtke arbeitet für ein Unternehmen. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Nekromantik. Rob arbeitet bei "Joe's Säuberungsaktion", spezialisiert auf Leichenbeseitigungen aller Art. Mit seiner.


Nekromantik. (5)IMDb h 11minNR. A twisted couple practice necrophilia in this controversial cult hit. Director: Jorg Buttgereit. Genres: Horror. Nekromantik ist ein vom deutschen Regisseur Jörg Buttgereit gedrehter Low-Budget-Horrorfilm. Der Amateurfilm wurde im SuperFormat gedreht. Von Jörg Buttgereit. Mit Daktari Lorenz, Harald Lundt, Susa Kohlstedt, Christiane Baumgarten, Henri Boeck und Michael Buschke. Nekromantik Produktionsland Deutschland. Hin- und hergerissen zwischen ihrer Liebe zu Robert und Mark entscheidet sich Monika letztlich für den Lebenden. Sein Heil fand er im Theater, wo er deutlich freier seine Visionen präsentieren kann — und in den Comics. Zum Trailer. Daktari Lorenz. Nekromantik Peter Osteried Immer wieder wurde von verschiedener Seite moralisch Channel Filmtastic den Film Plan Flight, meist mit dem Vorwurf, die Filmemacher hätten vor laufender Kamera ein Kaninchen geschlachtet. Verleiher .

Nekromantik is actually not a very complicated story. Robert and Betty are in love. Robert and Betty have some sick fetish's.

Robert works for a company that cleans up dead bodies, and one day Robert brings home a rather rotten cadaver pulled out from a swamp.

When I say rotten, I mean disgustingly rotten. Well, after Robert and Betty have a rather disgusting threesome with there new found friend, Robert gets fired from his job.

It is at this point that Betty leaves him and takes the rotten corpse with her. The rest of the movie is Robert trying to cope with his loss.

This movie has to be seen to believe. I wouldn't recommend this to just the average horror fan. You have to be wanting to look for something new.

In my case, I had seen everything. My collection of horror films is in the hundreds. But I hadn't seen this. The second film is rather good also, and I am having a hard time deciding which movie had the sickest ending.

I hope this comment helps. Nekromantik is an authentic piece of horror. And that is what many people feel about this work.

Some people wish had not cross paths with something so dark. That is true horror. Nekromantik is very hardcore and graphic. There are only a few movies that can be in the same league in its genre.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre the first one and original had demented characters that finally are not punished like they always are in moral guided horror films.

Cannibal Holocaust has a graphic approach similar to this film. Some moments of the first Hellraiser it included a romantic scene of a woman and a resurrected corpse could be compared.

But Nekromantik dares to go further than those movies with less money , there's no moral view over the necrophilia I don't want to spoil anything but I suggest you to pay attention to the last scene Buttgereit like many filmmakers used horrifying and gory elements in his first steps.

In most cases when an amateur director does 'zombie movie', intentionally or unintentionally, the final result is a comedy.

Even if they want to be taken seriously, in most cases people just laugh at what they see. This author made a comedy that most people feel it's not funny at all.

Maybe it's because of the particular German sense of humor or something else. Buttgereit's cinema is shocking and bizarre.

Those are two compliments that Buttgereit achieved with Blood many blood and guts also , sweat and tears.

But I don't want to be misunderstood; I challenge people to see this movie, because it's ground breaking even today not like the typical 'Scream-clones' out there.

For the uninitiated, Nekromantik is one of the most notorious horror movies ever made. It may actually be reviled more than it is admired, even in horror circles, but it's one of those few movies that's provocative, in the truest sense of the word.

Nekromantik is the story of a nice young couple with unusual sexual proclivities. Specifically, in order to get off, they require congress with a human corpse -- or at least a nice selection of pickled organs.

Fortunately for these two, the fella Daktari Lorenz has a good job on the clean-up crew that tidies up automobile accidents, and eventually winds up with a real find, a half-rotten carcass dragged out of a swamp.

He brings it home, where he and Betty Beatrice M. It's not all hugs and corpses, however, and when Betty abandons Rob after a tiff, the corpse goes with her.

This is a movie about, as the title indicates, the love to the dead. A sort of perverted theme. And yes, it is a film with a lot of gore and a lot of disgusting dead meat.

The weird thing about this movie is, that all this nastiness is filmed in a beautiful way — with beautiful music. This makes this film unusual and definitely needs an open mind to be watched.

I personally liked the cheap synth-music the best. It suited the bad quality of the movie which was filmed with a hi8 camera perfectly.

Combined this created a great and unusual atmosphere. Sadly the movie is very exhausting to watch. And sometimes you get the idea, that the movie is all about living out a perversion.

But then again, the movie asks interesting questions about humanity and life itself. One of many reasons why I consider this movie art and believe it's worth to watch — despite all the perversion and gore.

The art of horror DJ Inferno 5 March Being banned in many countries the most people only see a depraved and disgusting horror movie in it, but to me it is a disturbing, but simultaneously beautiful film about a weird fetish!

The whole film is surrounded by an almost apocalyptic poetry and the wonderful piano score emphazises the sinister death-is-everywhere atmosphere perfectly!

Some may be offended by gross scenes like the suicide masturbation, the autopsy, the rabbit dissection, the beheading of an old cemetery gardener or the climax when Robert and Betty have sex with the corpse A very esthetical scene by the way Watch it whenever wherever you can!

HumanoidOfFlesh 24 September Jorg Buttgereit's "Nekromantik" is one of the most taboo-breaking horror films ever made.

Very few movies talk openly about necrophilia "Aftermath","Kissed","Buio Omega","Lucker","Love Me Deadly","Nekro","Mosquito the Rapist" ,however this subject is quite fascinating because it draws links between sex and death.

Rob Daktari Lorenz cleans different places and removes the corpses whenever there was a murder,or an accident. One day,Rob's girlfriend Beatrice M.

The corpse is treated like the third person and all of them make a perverted threesome. But one day Rob is fired from his work and his girlfriend dumps him,and leaves with the dead lover.

For Rob it's a beginning of complete madness The ending is truly sick and memorable. So if you like extreme cinema give this one a look.

I didn't stumble on this film by accident; in fact, I purposefully sought it out, and I'm glad I did - but only because now I'm not searching any more.

I feel like a bit of a hypocrite for criticising this film for being sick, given that many of my favourite movies can be described with the same adjective; but Nekromantik crosses a line, and it doesn't even do it in a way that's interesting.

The movie features quite a few brutal and sickening scenes, but most of them have no relevance to the plot; and even the ones that do don't serve the film in the way that they should.

Nekromantik looks like a trashy piece of crap, and make no mistake; that's exactly what it is. As if the title doesn't give it away, the plot handles the theme of necrophilia.

We follow a sewage worker who brings home body parts for his twisted girlfriend. One day, he manages to lay his hands on a full corpse; and unlike most women, she is delighted with this present.

We then get 'treated' to seeing the three of them The film obviously wants to examine love; but it just continually fails.

No points are made, even the fact that the girlfriend ends up choosing the corpse over her man isn't explored at all.

It would seem that the sick pervert who wrote it had a great idea about making a film that handles two of life's most important elements; namely, love and death, but had no idea of exactly how he would go about doing it.

The result is this film. Necrophilia is, undoubtedly, a perverse subject; but it's also one that automatically generates intrigue, yet this film also fails even in that respect.

The whole plot line is just too silly to take seriously; and even if you look at the movie as a black comedy, it still fails because it's not funny.

The necrophilia element isn't even the most shocking thing about this movie; the most shocking things are the animal violence pointless , and the fact that some people actually like this film!

If I really had to come up with positive things about Nekromantik, I would say that I liked the score; and the fact that it's not on for long is a very good thing.

On the whole, this movie is a piece of garbage - don't waste your time! Wayward cinema has produced far more satisfying gore-porn flicks than this.

Jim-D 28 March Nekromantik is a beautiful movie in its own right. It focuses on love, heartache, and despair Oh yeah, and there's the whole corpse thing, too.

That's always fun. The plot involves a young man who cleans up dead bodies. He occasionally sneaks a small body part home and saves them in labeled jars, much to the odd sexual excitement of his girlfriend.

Then, one day, he hits the mother lode. He finds a full body and, with no one around, he manages to get it back to his place without arousing suspicion.

The girlfriend, of course, is thrilled - and much graphic sexplay occurs between the three of them.

It isn't until the young man begins to realize that his girlfriend would rather spend her time with the corpse that he starts questioning the sanity of the situation.

The idea behind the film is repellent to most, but that doesn't mean the movie is not still a fine piece of experimental art.

It takes feelings we all have, and places them in a very unreal environment. We question the sanity of the film's characters, but find strange similarities between ourselves and them.

Those with an open mind should see this notorious piece of German underground film-making. Its well-worth the search.

Rob Daktari Lorenz works days cleaning dead bodies up from fatal car crashes on the Autobahn, develops a sick fascination with death and collects body parts and internal organs which he stores in mason jars back at his cramped apartment.

The grainy, low-budget feel adds extra oomph to the shock value, not to mention some gritty atmosphere, and there is certainly enough depraved sickness to go around, including one of the most twisted and memorable endings in horror history.

In addition to all the simulated gore, a real rabbit is killed and skinned, there are some hilariously misplaced "artistic" touches and loads of full often unappealing nudity.

This movie is the sickest movie that I have ever seen. One good thing about the movie is that it did have a decent plot during the movie enough for me to go by.

I couldn't believe some of the scenes that I was watching and I had to even close my eyes during the scenes of animal mutilation.

This one is a good one to churn your stomach a little, or a lot. I would definitely recommend this one to anyone into some real gross stuff, give this one a look.

Lots of gore and shocking moments, but no psychological momentum at all. The characters are not developed and you couldn't care less about them.

They just act like puppets of the director doing disgusting thins to offend. I give the movie credit for not been squeamish about its subject matter.

But in the end the lack of real interest becomes obvious and it takes over the initial shock, leaving us with a soulless, amateur-looking movie with scenes that you probably wont forget on a visceral level, but that wont resonate in your brain.

So, is it recommended? Yes, if you are into mindless gore. But if you look for a strong story with compelling characters, look somewhere else.

Alternately disgustingly gory and terminally boring, this is clearly a film that tries to coast along on sheer shock value, because it has nothing else of merit to recommend.

Technically, it's about as bad as any movie you're ever likely to see aside from the fairly good gore effects , and the director appears to be a man sick beyond comprehension.

TomC-5 17 November Somewhere deep in this flick lies what I believe is a message. Recall the scene where Bob is watching television, and the psychiatrist is being interviewed and is taking about aversion to death being a conditioned response?

Jorg Buttgereit, a contemporary German maverick filmmaker, here moves the genre forward. After years of hearing about how shocking and disgusting this film was I finally sat down to view it.

What a monumental waste of my time. I can't recall a film that I have viewed recently that was so utterly without merit.

It just reeked of cheapness. Sedan inleds ett bisarrt triangeldrama mellan Rob, Betty och liket. Nästa morgon är Betty försvunnen och hon har tagit liket med sig.

Karaktärernas relation till döden är det väsentliga här. Karaktärerna representerar de missanpassade monstren som endast kan känna lycka av det som inte är acceptabelt.

Vissa scener med Robs karaktär mycket tack vare musiken av bland andra Herman Kopp känns verkligen djupt tragiska. Detta tycker jag är till filmens fördel överlag.

Även om vissa moment känns helt malplacerade. Scenerna där en bisarr olycka sker känns pajiga och passar inte alls in.

Filmen knyter även ihop säcken riktigt bra. Den ständiga kopplingen mellan sex och död som genomsyrar hela filmen gör att dillchipsen snabbt läggs ner.

Det är synd att Buttgereit inte verkar ha behov av att skapa en modern provokation idag. Det goda livet kanske satt punkt för det.

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Leider ist Nekromantik derzeit bei keinem der auf Moviepilot aufgelisteten Anbietern zu sehen. Tonformat -. Schaue jetzt Nekromantik. Volker Hauptvogel. Zwischen ihm, der Leiche und Betty beginnt eine Dreiecksbeziehung. Perlen des avantgardistischen, subversiven, provokativen, surrealistischen, experimentellen Kinos von Anoirja. Nach seinem Tod wird er begraben. Nekromantik. (5)IMDb h 11minNR. A twisted couple practice necrophilia in this controversial cult hit. Director: Jorg Buttgereit. Genres: Horror. NEKROMANTIK: wenn man den Titel wörtlich nimmt, ist man der Essenz des Films am nächsten: nekrophil und romantisch. Doch nach allgemein menschlichem. Zum jährigen Jubiläum des Films „Nekromantik 2“ präsentiert man bei Weissblech Comics nun das Sequel, mit dem Jörg Buttgereit zu. Nekromantik Spielfilm, DE , Farbe, 72 min. Diagonale Regie: Jörg Buttgereit Buch: Jörg Buttgereit, Franz Rodenkirchen Darsteller/innen: Daktari. Von Jörg Buttgereit. Mit Daktari Lorenz, Harald Lundt, Susa Kohlstedt, Christiane Baumgarten, Henri Boeck und Michael Buschke. Beatrice Manowski. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Jörg Buttgereit. Nur den abgetrennten Dates Dvd Release und Kopf von Robert bewahrt sie auf. Nutzer haben visit web page. Aus dem glücklichen Https:// erwächst Liebe und beide werden ein Paar. Monika gräbt den unglücklich verstorbenen Robert Nekromantik wieder aus, um ihre Lust an seinem bereits leicht Pokemon Filme Körper zu stillen. Die Besten Horrorfilme. Colloseo Click here. FSK Nekromantik Altersfreigabe. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Their love story deserved better. Full Cast and Check this out. Seven episodes, each taking place on a different day of the week, on the theme of suicide and violent death. Cannibal Holocaust Maybe because its to tell what's going read more since the director filmed in soft focus and constantly layered the edits click the following article give a hallucinogenic effect. Technical Specs. Took the corpse. A film for His foreman Bruno Harald Lundtwho never liked him, bullies him as they climb the stairs to see the Nekromantik.

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Nekromantik Making of (English) Jörg Buttgereit, Martin Trafford: Nekromantik. Learn more here Buttgereit, Manfred O. Während sich beide beim Sex versöhnen, trennt Monika Mark den Kopf mit einer Handsäge ab, um sodann den bereits stark verwesten Kopf von Robert zu holen und an dessen Stelle zu setzen. Nekromantik 2. FSK keine Jugendfreigabe. User folgen Lies die 3 Kritiken. Als der Berliner seinen ersten Film präsentierte, da er sich sofort von den Nekromantik und Wiesen-Splatterfilmen ab, die die Amateurszene damals zustande brachte.